2020 Colorado Unit 62 2nd Season Deer Tags ID # 645

State: Colorado
Unit: 62
Valid: Unit Wide
Species: Deer
Weapon: Rifle 2nd Season
Available Tags: 2
Price Per Tag: $2,800  Reduced to $2,500 

This will be a great year for horn growth the Plateau received lots of needed rainfall this spring.

Location Info for Unit 62:  
These tags are on a 250-acre ranch surrounded by Public Land. This unit is home to the famous Uncompahgre Plateau. It is a flat-top mountain that ranges around 8,300- 9,200 feet above sea level. It stretches 90 miles wide from northwest to the southwest in Colorado. Your highest point in Unit 62 is on Horsefly Peak which is 10,300 feet. It is home to many canyons, some can be steeper than others but overlook the lowlands when you are in the 4000-6000 feet of elevation for this landowner tag.

The terrain in Unit 62: The high elevations consist of grassy parks that are surrounded by trees. These are mostly quaking aspen, spruce, and firs. Some of the aspen forests are miles wide in this Colorado unit. The middle elevation area of Unit 62 mostly consists of juniper and pinyon forest with sage, oak brush. Some of it is very dense and covers entire hillsides. When you are in the lower elevations of Unit 62 in Colorado you will mostly come across sagebrush, willows, cottonwoods, with some pastures and croplands. There are many public roads with good access on the plateau, as well as many ATV trails although no off-roading is allowed. There are some roads that can be impassable when the weather is snowy and/or raining.

Amenities Near Unit 62: Campers in the early season can camp along the primitive roads on the plateau located in 62. In your later seasons, a lot of hunters will camp more on the BLM land in unit 62. There is lodging available if you go into town. Some towns that are nearby are Delta, Montrose, and Grand Junction Colorado.

Facts on Unit 62: Unit 62 is around roughly 1,376 miles and 69.5% of this is public land. Your elevations can range deeply from 4,500 all the way up to almost 11,000 feet.  The general size of Mule Deer in Unit 62 is from the 150”-170” range with your trophy potential looking at 180” plus!

Personal Experiences with Unit 62: The deer grow quite big in this area. In the canyons, you can find many great bulls and bucks. It also has pretty decent road access unless weather conditions make it otherwise. Unit 62 tends to draw in more attention than many other Units because of the fact that it has the Uncompahgre Plateau located in the Unit. This particular plateau is quite famous in Colorado as it produces high success rates for Large Mule Deer and also Elk for this landowner tag.



You are responsible for any additional fees charged by the state of Colorado.

Although we strive to provide the most accurate and up to date information, we urge all hunters to do your own research. The price listed above is an estimated cost of the Colorado tag as we assist many landowners in the sale of their tags, prices can vary from one landowner in the same unit to another landowner. If you have any questions let us help you BEFORE you purchase.

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