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New Mexico is one of the only western states in the country which still allows black bear hunting to be done with hounds.  Many of our black bears are color phase – with approximately 50% of the bears killed each year being either blonde, cinnamon, chocolate, and the other 50% are coal-black bear. We have big mature Gila black bears that can weigh from 250 to 420 pounds depending on the type of food that is available to them.

Our outfit has hunted bear with quality hounds for over 20 years. Since moving in 1999 we have been based in Reserve, NM, the heart of the Gila mountains which is home to lots of great big game hunting.  We start early in the summer conditioning the hounds by traveling to Utah for the bear pursuit season and stay there for about a month.  Our bear hunting team returns in early June to continue to exercise the dogs on an almost daily basis so they’re in prime condition for the opening bell of bear season in the middle of August.  Our outfit starts hunting opening day of the season in August 

We utilize the very latest tracking equipment on our hounds along with a radio transmitter collar to ensure the safety of our dogs and enhance the opportunity for success for the New Mexico Bear Hunting client.  Tracking the hounds better and not waste any of your hunts is all a direct result of the state of the art equipment.  Hound hunting for bears is absolutely my favorite hunt.  Watching the dogs trying so hard to find that track so they can get off that truck and run it!!!  LetsTreeIt has an extremely large mature pack of hounds.  Almost every hound we own has been on multiple New Mexico Bears.  We have had bear pursuits that are short runs and there have been those runs that last 14-15 hours.

Hound bear hunting is one of the most physical sports that you will ever encounter but its rewards are large when you finally get to that treed bear. While hunting bears in the Gila Mountains hunters will see some of the most spectacular counties in the entire United States.  The hounds lead you to some of the most remote areas left in New Mexico.  If you are planning a New Mexico bear hunt you need to book it early.  The quota has been filled very quickly in the last few years.  Please contact us to book your bear hunt today!!!

Book your bear hunt by July 1st save 10%.
We are offering a 4 day fully guided bear hunt in the Gila & Apache Forest of New Mexico.
This hunt includes Transportation during the hunt, lodging, food, field dressing of animal, and
one on one guiding.
This is an over the counter tag.  Cost for non-resident is:  $260.
This tag must be bought 48 hours prior to the start of the hunt.

Regular Price$  2,550
Discount Price $2,300

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