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  • Hunters that did not draw an elk tag can hunt this famous high trophy quality unit that includes the landowner voucher.
(Prices below INCLUDE a unit-wide unit 15 landowner tag) Fully guided trophy elk hunt in a great trophy area; unit 15 New Mexico
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Early Archery Season New Mexico Unit 15 Guided Hunts

1st season September 1 – 14 Archery elk hunt 10 full days guided.

We only have 2 openings left for 2020 early Archery season

2 hunter 1 guide package is $12,900.00 ea plus license and taxes

1 hunter 1 guide package is $13,900.00 ea plus license and taxes

This hunt is a guided elk hunt and the hunting area is the famous Gila National Forest.  These earlier dates will be a combination of chasing bugles and spot and stalk but as the season moves closer to the rut hunters will cover more area following screaming elk.

2nd Archery Season New Mexico Unit 15 Guided Hunts

2nd season September 15 – 24 Archery elk hunt  10 full days.

We only have 2 openings left for 2020 late Archery elk season in unit 15 New Mexico.

2 hunter 1 guide package is $12,500.00 ea plus license and taxes
1 hunter 1 guide package is $13,500.00 ea plus license and taxes
The 2nd is spot and stalk, water holes and some calling hunters can expect to see big herds, multiple bulls and on some days lots of bugling. Most of the bigger bulls will be with the herds and the satellite bulls hanging around screaming wanting a piece of the action. Big bulls once they are found on these hunts normally are easier to find during the rut but with all the cows often a little tougher to get into range for a bow shot.

The success rate on our NM unit 15 elk hunts:
Unit 15 Success rate
The early unit 15 archery elk hunt in the Gilas is one of a kind. The elk is found often at water holes and spot and stalk with the big boys starting to travel and hitting random water holes hunters often kill the biggest bulls while patiently sitting on a remote spring or tank.

The success rate in unit 15 New Mexico is around 40% with an Archery. A couple of the biggest bulls we killed last year where over 360″ but most should expect opportunity at bulls in the 300 to 350″ range.

Late Archery hunters may get to experience more of the rut as the bulls in unit 15 typically start bugling in mid to late September a slightly higher overall success rate on the late hunt but the early season water hole hunters often kill some bigger bulls.

Archery hunters in unit 15 NM can expect 40 -75% opportunity and about 30 – 60% success rate which is very high for Archery hunts in the west. In 2015 we had a 50% success rate with our NM area 15 elk bow hunters. The 2015 Archery elk report is 300″ bulls up to a 360″ bulls we had several unfilled shots where a hunter did not get the elk but missed or other misfortune.

Guides on our NM unit 15 elk hunt:

Our Guides

The outfitter attempts to personally guide his hunters and makes every effort to match the hunter’s skill and ability to the style and physical requirements of the trip. A small personalized operation from an outfitter that is first a hunter, quality hunting experiences are the reason he has enjoyed the long term success and overall past client satisfaction due to his hands-on approach. His quality service ensures past hunters offer up positive referrals to any of the new hunters desiring to find a quality trophy elk hunting outfitter and New Mexico unit 15 guide and we have references from hunters that have returned over and over to hunt with us.

Accommodations on your unit 15 elk hunt:
Lodging for unit 15 New Mexico elk hunt
This unit 15 elk hunt comes with lodging in a cabin but hunters need to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows.
Other services for your unit 15 elk hunt:
Food for unit 15 New Mexico elk hunt
This unit 15 elk hunt comes with 3 meals a day and includes snacks and drinks.
Transportation for unit 15 New Mexico elk hunt
Hunters will be provided with transportation during the hunt.
Care of your game after the hunt
Our guides will assist the hunters in field dressing, pack out of meat and trophy care to get their elk out of the field.
Airport pickup:
Airport pickup for your unit 15 New Mexico elk hunt
Hunters can arrange to have a member of our staff pick them up at the Albuquerque airport in New Mexico. (additional fee may apply)