2020 Unit 2/201 Trophy Antelope Buck Rifle Hunt ID # 32

Trophy Antelope Buck Rifle Hunt

Additional Details

  • Sold
  • Antelope
  • 1
  • Colorado
  • Trophy Class

State: Colorado

Unit: 2/201

Valid: Unit Wide

Species: Antelope

Weapon: Rifle 

Available Tags: 1

Price Per Tag: $4,950 Or best reasonable offer. This is a great tag for trophy antelope.

Information: Unit 2/201 takes 19 years or 19 preference points to draw. Moffatt is considered to be a top tier producer with genetics to prove it. Take a look at the Boone and Crockett record book and see for yourself.

Experience: This is one of the best tags anywhere in the west.  Considered rare, and is perfect for a hunter trying to take a Boone and Crockett antelope. This is a once in a lifetime tag. Do not hesitate if you have an empty spot on your game room wall for a monster antelope buck. CO big game Unit 2, 201 offers the absolute best trophy antelope hunting in all of Colorado with thousands and thousands of acres of public land to hunt.

To buy this tag:

Call Jimmy Horton

936-630-1314 office

936-635-0929 mbl(call or text)


Jen Solly

936-630-1414 office


Awesome Colorado antelope hunt in unit 2 and 201.


Q Is Colorado unit 2/201 a trophy antelope unit

Yes according to Boone & Crockett it is the top ranking county in all of Colorado for placing pronghorn into the trophy books.

Q Where should I focus my hunt if I obtain this Colorado unit 2/210 antelope tag?

Most hunters start in the northern portion up towards Wyoming border, but there are antelope across the unit. Most are north of Hwy 318

Q Is there lodging in this area?

The closest lodging would be in Maybell, Colorado although there are a few places that rent cabins and a couple Air BNB.