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  • Number of Tags:1
  • Big Game Species::Elk
  • Colorado Unit:: 2
  • Weather::Prepare for Any
  • Hunt Style/Type::ATV, 4WD, Ground Blinds, Glassing, Hiking, Horseback, Waterholes, Spot - Stalk
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  • Hunt Quality::Trophy Class

Walker Ranch offers the best elk hunt in Colorado PERIOD!!

(Prices below do not include a tag you must draw or have a tag to hunt at the prices stated below)

MODERN CABIN with hot shower, 3 bedrooms, kitchen right in the very heart of the best elk hunting and mule deer in all of North West Colorado.

Just a walk off the front porch to prime elk and deer country.



  • (6 hunters max on ranch including muzzleloader hunters) 3 openings left for 2021 ARCHERY trespass $3750 + cabin $850

  • (6 hunters max) 3 openings left for 2021 MUZZLELOADER trespass $4,000 + cabin $850

  • (6 hunters max) 3 openings left for 2021 EARLY RIFLE $4,000 + cabin¬†


We never allow more than 6 bull, elk hunters, on the ranch at any one time whether it is a combination of weapons or overlapping seasons such as archery and muzzleloader. For example: we could have 4 archery and 2 muzzleloader and this would max us out at 6 hunters.


(Prices below do not include a tag you must draw or have a tag to hunt at the prices stated below)

Our Colorado unit 2 hunting cabin is right in the middle of elk country typically in the ELK & DEER within minutes of camp. Fully Guided with food & cabin no every day long and sometimes cold ATV ride to the elk or deer. They live on the Walker Ranch.


  • Up to 3 OPENINGs LEFT for GUIDED 2021 archery or muzzleloader season $7,900 Fully Guided 6 days with food & cabin. Hunter will have access to the private ranch the entire season if you have not harvested an elk by the end of your guided hunt.

  • Up to 3 OPENINGs LEFT for GUIDED 2021 early rifle season $7,900 Fully Guided 5 days with food & cabin. Hunter will have access to the private ranch the entire season if you have not harvested an elk by the end of your guided hunt.

Mule Deer Hunts unit 2 Walker Ranch.

  • GUIDED (2 hunters)2 openings left for 2021 2nd season mule deer¬†$6,500.¬†Fully Guided 5 days with food & cabin and you will have access to the ranch the entire season.
  • ¬†
  • 3rd Season GUIDED (1 hunter) 1 opening left for 2021 3rd season mule deer $8,500.¬†Fully Guided 5 days with food & cabin and you will have access to the ranch the entire season.

We also offer trespass only hunts for mule deer if you are looking for a great DIY hunt on super private hunting ground.

Hunters are not allowed to hunt any property located inside the boundaries of the Dinosaur National Monument whether private or public.


2010 Bull elk season: 2 archery hunters killed 2 bulls, 1 muzzleloader elk hunter took a nice 334″ bull, 4 rifle hunters (average score 332″) largest one just under 350″ and all hunters were tagged out by 10:00 am 2nd day of the season.

2011 Elk Report: 8 bull elk 4 archery hunters killed 3 bulls all had multiple¬†opportunities from 300″ to 340″ bulls. 4 Rifle hunters killed 4 hunters from 330″ to 355″¬†

2012 Elk Report: 4 Rifle hunters took a 352″ bull, 342″ bull, 310″ bull and a 338″ 5 x 5 archery hunters killed a 377″ unit 2 bull and a 353″ gross scoring bull. 100% of trophy mule deer

2013 Elk Report: 2 Archery hunters took a 330″ bull and a 319″ bull. The 4 rifle hunters 2 women took bulls 1-340″ (70 years old…awesome) ¬†bull and the other lady hunter (54 years old) a 322″ bull. The 2 male hunters took a 369″ bull about 400 yards from our cabin and the 2nd guy took a 345″ bull…..100% once again

2014 Elk Report:¬†4 Archery hunters took 4 bulls from 320 to the biggest bull of 358″ 1 Rifle hunter took a 360″ bull and the other hunter missed a 370 class bull at 85 yards and later saw a Boone and Crockett class bull that he could not get a shot at before legal shooting hours caught up to him. 2014 was a great season and we had more elk than ever on the ranch with the folks hunting the public land only struggling some to stay in the elk.

2015 Elk Report: 2 Muzzleloader hunters 1 84-year-old hunter took a 335″ bull, his hunting partner missed 5 different bulls with his smoke pole and went home empty-handed (combination of buck fever and Parkinson’s disease, sadly) 4 rifle hunters were 100% largest bull was 361″, 2 archery hunters, one took a nice 375″ bull and the other shot at multiple bulls but did not score.

2016 Elk Report:¬†3 Archery elk hunters 1 recurve bow (338″ bull) 2 compound archery hunters 348″ bull and a 390″ bull.
2 muzzleloader bulls both over 350″ 4 rifle hunters largest bull 362″ and smallest was¬†a 351″ gross score so we were 100% successful and only 1 bull below 340″ and 7 of 9 over the magical 350″ mark.

2017 Elk Report: 4 Archery elk hunters Ivan a 369″ bull, Brandon a 380″ plus bull, Ted shot a 340 bull 1st evening with his longbow and Erik took a 370 bull. Muzzleloader Terry took a 360 + bull¬† Rifle: John took a 350 bull, Danny and Dave each shot bulls just under 350.

2018 Elk Report: Rifle Brett chased a 390″ bull all season and shot a 330″ bull last day, Gary shot a 340″ + bull, Joeys 80-year-old dad shot an awesome bull grossing over 360″. Archery: Kevin shot a 345 bull, Josh harvested a 360″ plus bull. Muzzleloader: Terry shot a 365″ bull, Mike took a 345″ bull and Mr. Fred (80 + years old) took a 340″ bull.

2019 Elk Report: Archery Davey V. took a Boone and Crockett bull netted 401-3/8″, Terry M. muzzleloader shot a super bull 368″, Greg M took an early rifle bull that scored 365″, Guided hunter took a muzzleloader bull at 65 yard that scored 358″, We were 100% success smallest bull on the Walker for 2019 was 342″/


2010 Cow Elk Season: 6 rifle hunters took 6 cow elk.
2011 Cow Elk Season: 7 rifle hunters took 5 cow elk.
2012 Cow Elk Season: 8 rifle hunters took 6 cow elk.
2013 Cow Elk Season: 6 rifle hunters took 4 cow elk.
2014 Cow Elk Season: 6 rifle hunters took 4 cow elk.
2015 Cow Elk Season: 8 rifle hunters took 5 cow elk.
2016 Cow Elk Season: 8 rifle hunters took 5 cow elk.
2016 Cow Elk Season: 1 archery cow hunter took 1 cow elk.
2017 Cow Elk Season: 5 rifle hunters took 3 cow elk.
2018 Cow Elk Season: 6 rifle hunters took 4 cow elk.

2019 Cow Elk Season: 5 rifle hunters took 4 cow elk.


EVERY HUNT ON OUR RANCH WAS 100% in 2010, 2013 and 2011 and 2012 we were 100% opportunity and only 1 archery hunter went without filling their tag but all of the hunters had multiple opportunities at multiple bulls and/or multiple missed shots. 2014 all archery hunters punched their tags and one rifle hunter missed a big bull 370+ and had ample opportunities to kill 330″ to 350″ bulls and passed. We had 3 bulls on or accessible to the ranch that we estimate at over 370 and one pushing the 390″ mark in 2014, with a 420″ bull on video for 2016. (Posted on our HuntersDomain youtube account. 2017 and 2018 continued the super high success that unit 2 is known for. 100% on trophy bulls up to 401 3/8 with archery, muzzleloader and rifle. Deer were 100% kill success and cows just under 80% for last 2 years.

2019 Success rate buck deer 100%, bull elk 100%, cow elk 80%

Walker ranch in unit 2 Colorado is surrounded by thousands of acres of BLM (parts of your hunt may be conducted on BLM – public land) and the Dinosaur National Monument (where no hunting is allowed). The monument helps to create a buffer zone with no hunting and is a great asset in keeping the pressure off the elk. The Walker ranch has several springs and waterholes and most of the adjoining BLM has little to no water so the elk eat, drink and sleep on the Walker ranch. Many of the elk stray onto the surrounding lands but always return for that evening drink and nightly rendezvous with the cows (girls). The ranch consists of over 20,000 acres (deeded and lease) and the property location allows us access to thousands of additional acres of BLM that are either not accessible to the general public or extremely difficult to access.

Wanda Walker’s Ranch¬†has been famous for trophy Colorado elk hunting and trophy Colorado mule deer hunting in unit 2 for over half a century. The Walkers started guiding trophy mule deer hunters almost 50 years ago, but have since spent all their time chasing cattle.

Hunting cabins in 4 different locations on their property 3 at higher elevations and one at a lower elevation that allows hunters to stay where the elk and mule deer are and not have to spend countless hours driving each day to and from the various awesome hunting spots located on and around our unit 2 Colorado elk ranch.

The south end of the ranch is located just east of Zenobia Peak and the north end is located east of Jack Springs. With nearly 20 springs and water holes on the private ground, the big game animals frequent the ranch. These waterholes and springs make it great for bow hunting in unit 2 Colorado or just getting a great close up look at unit 2 elk and unit 2 mule deer. There are several roads through the ranch and most areas are accessible via ATV, UTV or horseback. Most hunters utilize 4wd trucks to travel long distances and/or Polaris Rangers for most day to day travel around the hunting ground in Colorado unit 2. The hunting transportation requirements are really up to you and the vehicle you have available. When hunters choose a fully guided hunt the transportation is provided.

Colorado unit 2 elk hunting¬†has long been one of the top 2 trophy elk hunting GMU’s or game management units in the entire state. The awesome bull to cow ratio brings the daily sighting of multiple bull elk to the norm instead of the exception. I have personally bugled in over 15 bulls on more than one occasion in the peak of the rut. During one archery season, outfitter/guide and good friend Lonny Vanatta bugled in over 25 bulls in one morning hunt before his hunter arrowed a big Colorado unit 2 elk while it was fighting another bull.

Colorado unit 2 Antelope hunting¬†has been in the “trophy” group of GMU’s in Colorado for many years. The best hunting is down in the flats and our guides are great at finding and putting hunters in position to harvest an antelope buck of their dreams.

Colorado unit 2 mountain lion hunting¬†is done from one of 3 locations in the unit and Rod’s hounds are well trained and Rod knows the country like the back of his hand. As a lifelong resident of the Maybell, Colorado area he has spent thousands of hours chasing mountain lions, elk, mule deer, turkey, and antelope right here on Douglas Mountain and Bears Ears.

Colorado unit 2 turkey hunting¬†can be done on the Walker Ranch and our ranch holds most of the turkeys in the entire game management unit. The original release of turkeys in this area was done on our ranch and if you wish to hunt turkeys in unit 2 Colorado you need to give us a call. There are very few birds on the public ground and in the spring most of the turkeys roost along a ridge that runs right behind the house and one of Wanda’s cabins.¬†

Portions of this hunt may be conducted on BLM public lands. Colorado Outfitter License # 2780

All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.




You are responsible for any additional fees charged by the state of Colorado.

Although we strive to provide the most accurate and up to date information, we urge all hunters to do your own research. The price listed above is an estimated cost of the Colorado tag as we assist many landowners in the sale of their tags, prices can vary from one landowner in the same unit to another landowner. If you have any questions let us help you BEFORE you purchase.

To purchase this or any other Colorado landowner tag please call or email:

Jimmy Horton

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Jen Solly


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