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Florida Alligator Hunts

This famous outfitter hunts on private properties with access to incredible Alligator habitats of vast wetlands, canals and marshes in Lake Apopka Area, Florida. Choose either the day or night hunting packages. If you are looking for a thrill, the most adrenaline pumping hunts are on the water at night. Hold tight because you are in for a ride!

Bag Limit: None

Hunting Dates: March – December (best time to hunt is late summer at new moon)

Florida Alligator Hunts

Hunting Lodging and Meals

Lodging can be included in the Alligator package, which is usually one of the many comfortable hotels in the area. Meals are not included.


Sportsmen will be conducted to the hunting grounds by 4 wheel transportation. Boats are provided for the Alligator hunts. All other hunts are conducted by hiking.

Hunting Location

With its vast wetlands, marshes and canals, the Lake Apoka area is ideal Gator and Wild Boar habitat.

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Other Services

Included in the Alligator hunt package, your trophy will be processed, skinned, and prepared for mounting, tanning or meat processing. If desired, for an additional fee, they can turn your gator into some beautiful personalized leather goods like belts, handbags or wallets.

If you’re looking to find information on state rules, please see the Florida State regulations.