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  • Sales Status of Hunt:For Sale
  • Number of Tags:1
  • Big Game Species::Mule Deer
  • Weather::Prepare for Any
  • Landowner Tag Sex::Buck Deer
  • Tag Type::Unit Wide Tag/Hunt
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  • Hunt Style/Type::Waterholes, Spot - Stalk
  • Terrain::Moderate to Difficult
  • Type of Trip::DIY (Do It Yourself)
  • Hunt Quality::Trophy Class
  • Weapon Used::Rifle
  • Price $:$21,000

2021 Nevada Unit 242 Deer Tag Unit Wide

This tag is good in the famous hunting area located in south western Nevada.

Hunters can hunt Nevada unit 242 archery deer &  Muzzleloader & Rifle deer.


The Nevada unit 242 deer landowner tag offers the following season dates.

Nevada 242 archery deer tag season dates are August 10th – September 9th

The unit 242 archery success 5 year average success rate is around 60%. You will need to hunt water or be a good spot and stalk hunter. High elevations are a good place to start expect deer in the 170″ range with bucks killed in this unit over 190″ every year.

Nevada 242 muzzleloader deer tag season dates are September 10th – October 4th.

This season is also during the hot temperatures of late summer so stay patient on water holes or expect long distance spotting and trying to close the distance on one of the trophy bucks roaming Nevada unit 242.

Nevada 242 any legal weapon deer tag season dates are October 5th – October 31st.

The rifle deer hunt in Nevada unit 242 dates start creeping towards the rut and lots of the deer begin moving down to the southeast of the unit towards the Utah line near the lake and the Beaver Dam Park.

The rifle hunt has approximately a 70% success rate year after year.

This landowner tag is one of the most highly sought after trophy buck tags in the US year after year.


If you have questions or wish to buy this tag please contact:

Jimmy Horton

Jen Solly


Q Is Nevada unit 242 considered a trophy deer unit?

Definitely, this unit is one of the top areas in the country to consistently produce bucks over 190"

Q How many tags are issued in Nevada 242 for deer hunting each season?

There are only about 30 tags issued to hunters in 242 with draw odds less than 1% if you have less than 14 preference points.

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