Dear HuntersDomain,

Jimmy, just a quick note of thanks for not only teaching us the value of our hunting on the ranch but actually earning us way more money than we ever dreamed for our ranch. Mom and I are bad about letting a friend hunt our place or giving a tag to a neighbor. This was all fine and dandy but us old ladies have quite the time making ends meet here, especially in the winter. When you asked what the most we earned selling hunts, well we had actually never really thought much about hunting as income. The first year you managed our hunting we over doubled our pocket money. Each year you seem to earn us a little more and only once or twice has it gone down a little from the year before, but we know we do not get the exact same tags every year. We tell all our neighbors about you and I know Larry, Mr. Naples., Neal, and the Vaughn’s, have all started using HuntersDomain and we are glad to tell them about you. Mom had surgery on her wrist again but is doing ok and the kids are good just working mostly.

Thanks again and plan on seeing you in late April.

Dawn Nottingham

Dawn Nottingham, Landowner