Dear HuntersDomain,

Jimmy Horton

I am happy to provide you with a reference letter because the service provided by the HuntersDomain crew is top-notch. Our business relationship started when my neighbor told me about you I didn’t even know what landowner tags were nor how to get them. You came out to the ranch and walked me through every step. From the property registration process with the state to which tags and how to correctly submit our voucher applications. You even got my legal description information from the appraisal office. Since then you have told me what numbers to put on my application for the deer paperwork. I only own 320 acres but you selling my tags every year has been a financial blessing. I am 85 years old and on a fixed income, the money you send me every year goes to good use. My son and I are grateful for what you do and have told all our neighbors about the time-saving work provided by you.

Hope you and your family are doing well and looking forward to another good year with tags.

Thanks for all you have done, it’s truly been a blessing.

Marilyn Collier

Jimmy and crew

A friend of mine Roberto Garcia told me you helped sell his landowner tags with great success. Roberto gave me your number (think it has been 12 years ago), I contacted you and you have done a good job every year since. My husband and I were already receiving tags for deer and antelope on our 800-acre ranch but often had some vouchers left or did not get much money for the tags. The very first year I contacted you it was late July and we only had 2 tags, you sold both the tags the first one for more than what we normally received for all of our tags combined. The next year you suggested what tags we should apply for and we received 3 more tags than the previous years. You sold those, and we made even more money. (we love what you do for us).

The best part for us was my husband often comes in late from work and does not want to answer random phone calls. Now when the tags come out and we are not bothered by hunters nor the trouble of finding a buyer. The few calls we receive, we simply send to you and let you negotiate details and sell our tags. My favorite part is when you call to ask if we received the money for our tags, always enjoy the conversation, but mostly the money.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Great Job friend,

Josie Abeyta

From Colorado Landowner, Josie Abeyeta