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Colorado Deer, Elk, & Antelope Landowner Tags for Sale: Your Gateway to Exclusive Hunting Opportunities

Colorado’s vast and diverse landscapes offer some of the most thrilling hunting experiences in the United States. To elevate your hunting adventures, Colorado Deer, Elk, and Antelope Landowner Tags are your golden ticket to exclusive access to prime hunting units. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of landowner tags, focusing on big game units 3/301, 4/14/214/441, 11/211, 21, 22, 44, 49, 54, 55, 57/58, 61, 66, 70, 72/73, 80/81, 87, 100, 116, and 551. Join us as we explore these incredible hunting opportunities in partnership with the industry leader, HuntersDomain.

Understanding Colorado Landowner Tags

Colorado Landowner Tags, often called land owner tags, or vouchers, are highly sought-after hunting vouchers that grant landowners and their designated hunters exclusive access to specific hunting units/areas, also known as Game Management Units (GMUs). These tags/vouchers provide unparalleled advantages for those seeking good hunting destinations for mule deer, elk, or antelope.

Benefits of Colorado Landowner Tags

Prime Hunting Units: Landowner tags offer access to some of Colorado’s most coveted hunting units, ensuring exceptional hunting experiences. We offer tags in some unit that take up to 30 years to draw through the annual Colorado big game lottery application process.

 Reduced Competition: With limited availability, landowner tags are only offered in areas that have a limited draw. This will significantly reduce competition amongst hunters, enhancing your chances of a successful hunting trip.

 Flexibility: Landowners or their land manager can transfer these tags to hunters, enabling more individuals to partake in memorable hunting adventures. The use of a landowner tag does not reduce the number of preference points you may have accumulated as an individual in the CDOW draw/application process.

 Big Game Units: A Closer Look

GMU Hunting Unit 3/301

Colorado Area 3/301 is renowned for its diverse terrain, making it a popular choice for hunters seeking deer tags. This unit features a mix of valleys and mountains, providing ample opportunities for spotting elusive deer.

 GMU Hunting Unit 4/14/214/441

For those interested in elk tags, Colorado Unit 4/14/214/441 is an elk paradise. This unit boasts a significant elk population, with sprawling forests and pristine landscapes that make it an elk hunter’s dream.

 GMU Hunting Unit 11/211

Colorado Zone 11/211 is a favored destination for antelope tags enthusiasts. Known for its wide-open spaces and grasslands, this unit offers excellent visibility for spotting and pursuing antelope.

 GMU Hunting Unit 21

Colorado Region 21 is an ideal choice for hunters looking for diverse opportunities, including deer, elk, and antelope tags. Its mix of terrains provides versatile hunting experiences.

 GMU Hunting Unit 22

Colorado Unit 22 is another hotspot for deer tags, known for its rugged terrain and abundant deer populations. Hunters often find success tracking deer in this unit.

 GMU Hunting Unit 44

Colorado Area 44 is a haven for elk tags seekers. It offers expansive areas of wilderness and dense forests, providing excellent cover for elk herds.

 GMU Hunting Unit 49

With its diverse landscapes, Colorado Zone 49 is a prime destination for those interested in both elk and deer tags. The mix of terrains caters to various hunting preferences.

 GMU Hunting Unit 54

Colorado Region 54 is famous for its deer tags opportunities, with ample wooded areas and rolling hills that create the perfect habitat for deer populations.

 GMU Hunting Unit 55

Colorado Unit 55 is known for its stunning mountainous terrain, making it an excellent choice for elk tags. The challenging landscapes offer thrilling hunting experiences.

GMU Hunting Unit 57/58

Colorado Zone 57/58 is a preferred destination for antelope tags enthusiasts. The open grasslands and sagebrush provide the ideal backdrop for antelope hunting.

GMU Hunting Unit 61

Colorado Region 61 – San Juan Mountains and the Uncompahgre National Forest is another elk hunter’s paradise, nestled in the scenic San Juan Mountains. Its breathtaking landscapes and high elk numbers make it a top pick.

GMU Hunting Unit 66

Colorado Area 66 is an excellent choice for both elk and deer tags. Its diverse terrain and ample hunting opportunities make it a sought-after destination.

GMU Hunting Unit 70

Colorado Unit 70 is known for its exceptional deer tags prospects. The unit’s mix of forests and open spaces offers excellent deer habitat.

GMU Hunting Unit 72/73

Colorado Region 72/73 is a gem for elk tags enthusiasts. The unit’s rugged mountains and forests provide an exciting backdrop for elk hunting.

GMU Hunting Unit 80/81

Colorado Zone 80/81 offers diverse hunting experiences, including deer and elk tags. The unit’s varied landscapes cater to a wide range of hunting preferences.

GMU Hunting Unit 87

Colorado Area 87 is a prime destination for antelope tags seekers, featuring vast expanses of grasslands and suitable terrain for antelope hunting.

GMU Hunting Unit 100

Colorado Big Game Area 100 provides exciting opportunities for elk tags hunters. Its rugged mountains and pristine wilderness offer a challenging yet rewarding hunting experience.

GMU Hunting Unit 116

Colorado Eastern Plains Unit 116 is perfect for deer tags enthusiasts, with a mix of wooded areas and valleys that provide ideal deer habitat.

GMU Hunting Unit 551

Colorado Unit 551 is a hidden gem in the Gunnison Basin for trophy deer success elk tag seekers, offering a unique and less crowded hunting experience in the Centennial State.

Partnering with HuntersDomain

When it comes to acquiring Colorado Deer, Elk, and Antelope Landowner Tags, HuntersDomain stands as the industry leader. With their expertise and dedication, they ensure that hunters have access to the best hunting opportunities across these sought-after elk and deer hunting units. Whether you’re in pursuit of deer tags, elk tags, or antelope tags, HuntersDomain is your trusted partner in unlocking the door to allow hunting access in some of Colorado’s top trophy deer and elk hunting units.


Colorado Deer, Elk, & Antelope Landowner Tags are your gateway to exclusive hunting adventures in some of the most pristine and coveted hunting units. With the guidance of industry leader HuntersDomain, you can secure your tags and embark on unforgettable hunting experiences in these remarkable GMUs. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your mark in Colorado’s wilderness.

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