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Overview of NM GMU 23 Hunting Facts

New Mexico unit 23 sits on the Arizona state line. The Blue Range Wilderness and Burro Mountain are found throughout this unit. This unit does have some hunting pressure on the public grounds, but those who are able and willing to put in the work have found success here in past years.

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NM Unit 23 Species Hunting Info

INFO: Elk Hunting in New Mexico Unit 23

When hunting elk in unit 23 there are a few things to keep in mind. The rut is not very active during the first archery seasons. In the past, hunters have found success hunting near watering holes during the first and last light of the day. The best time to take advantage of calling bulls in is in the later seasons as this is when the rut is in full swing.
SUCCESS RATES for Elk Hunting in New Mexico Unit 23
5 Year Estimated Average for Elk
Muzzleloader 18.00%
Archery 1 18.00%
Archery 2 20.00%
Rifle 30.00%
Rifle (YO) 60.00%

Elk TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 23 New Mexico
Average Elk Quality 280″ – 320″
NM Area 23 Trophy Elk Potential 330″+
GMU 23 Bull to Cow Ratio 42:100
New Mexico Unit 23 Elk Hunting FORUM Coming Soon!

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New Mexico Unit 23 Topo Map

Total Acreage: 1,875,000 acres over 2,930 square miles

Total Public Land: 1,200,000 acres or 63%

Land Ownership Mix: 37% Private; 63% Public; USFS: 443,776 acres; USFS Wilderness: 29,184 acres; BLM: 329,472 acres; State: 412,096 acres; Other Govt. Owned: 2,176 acres

Species: Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Sheep

Elevation Variances: 4,496 ft. to 8,850 ft.

Terrain Difficulty Overall: Mild to Moderate

Land Coverage/Vegetation: Land cover includes 80% shrub/scrub and 15% evergreen forest


Lay of the Land in NM Unit 23


Terrain in GMU 23 NM

Elevation in unit 23 ranges from 4,250 – 8,340 ft. Some of the mountains you will see throughout unit 23 are Whiterocks Mountain, Saddle Mountain, Brushy Mountain, and Big Burro Mountain. You will also find The Blue Range Wilderness and The Gila National Fores here.

Vegetation in GMU Unit 23 NM

The lower elevations of unit 23 consist of flat desert-like grassland with some brush and trees. The middle elevations mostly have junipers, scrub oak brush, and pinyon pines. Higher elevations consist of ponderosa pines, Gambel oaks, mountain mahoganies, and oak brush.

Access Points in NM GMU 23

There are three main highways in unit 23. Highway 180 runs throughout the east, near the Arizona state line. In the northeast of the unit, you will come across Highway 70. Highway 90 runs throughout the middle part of the unit. There are many dirt roads in unit 23 providing public access to many hunting areas.