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Our team of hunting enthusiasts have been helping landowners and hunters connect for over 30 years. If you are a hunter looking for a specific tag in a specific unit we have access to top units for hunting. If you are a landowner with tags available for sale let our experienced team help you navigate the process for marketing and selling your tags to hunters from all over the country.

Jimmy Horton

Jimmy Horton operates a multitude of small businesses and partners with others to strengthen their existing business and personal relationships, while always searching for a new adventure. Jimmy believes working with landowners is more than just residual income. He has workload, and more importantly create solid foundations for important values in our young hunters, while giving the seasoned outdoorsman/hunter a chance to mentor and pass on the knowledge that is instrumental in developing young minds while afield. Jimmy’s commitment to creating strong core values has given him the will to make annual missionary trips to Ecuador to assist in constructing a church and other buildings in a jungle village to improve their basic quality of life. Jimmy is a father, an employer, entrepreneur, and mentor. He shows that even though he has no formal degree from an ivy league university hard work and determination will grant you access to any closed door in life.

Shelby Cryer

Shelby Cryer is a dedicated administrative assistant who thrives in helping others obtain their goals. Management skills are a strong point and distinguishable to both friends and clients. Excelling in finding exactly what they want when assisting in obtaining their dream, clients recognize and often invite her friendly hunting information or expertise. Shelby recognizes the importance of serving hunters by acquiring the hunt or tag that truly meets the expectation as a “hunt of a lifetime.” Complementing her tenacious desire to meet hunters’ dreams is the ability to acquire land owners a solid but fair price for their tags. Easing the burden of landowners dealing with the never-ending calls is simply a cherished byproduct of Shelby’s efforts. Shelby’s personality conveys responsibility to a whole new level as she strives to accommodate each requirement for ranchers and hunters. Shelby is a lifelong resident of Zavalla Texas. Shelby has been with HuntersDomain for 2 years. She balances her devotion to hunters and landowners as well as with her family, friends, and dog. When not working you can find her outdoors at a swimming hole or traveling to a new state.

Brent Horton

Brent Horton is the administrator for HuntersDomain. His meticulous attention to detail is the perfect complement and example to the other members of our team. Brent is instrumental in making sure each hunter gets the required paperwork every year and ensures that the landowners get prompt and full payment for the vouchers from their property. Brent maintains the HuntersDomain website with all of the new landowner tag listings for marketing our ranchers’ hunts, tags, and amenities’. The ever-changing lists of hunter’s requests and landowners requirements are managed by Brent. That knowledge boosts his ability to quickly find solutions to any issue that could possibly arise. Brents role at HuntersDomain requires him to be versatile and on point. He not achieves this but excels at it. Brent accomplishes all of this while also running his own real estate business. Brent is familiar with both Colorado and New Mexico, and has hunted both states several times. Brent has been with HuntersDomain for the past 10 years.