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Overview of CO GMU 62 Hunting Facts

Game Management Unit 62 has been and remains to be one of the highest ranking units in Colorado. The elements that drive its success include its proximity to the Uncompahgre Plateau, the healthy concentration of elk and mule deer numbers, and the favorable weather patterns that allow these herds to be present at every altitude of this flat-top mountain range. In addition to these positive attributes, Unit 62 gains traction from hunters because its tags are more attainable than other units. This unit contains segments of Montrose, Ouray, Delta and Mesa counties. The north border in Mesa County is met by US-50 and Hwy 141. US-50 and US-550 comprise the eastern side of the unit in Delta County. The southern portion of GMU 62 in Ouray County contains US-550 along with Hwy 62. Unit 62 and Unit 61 share a border on the western side of Unit 62. They are divided by a graveled road appropriately known as the Divide Road but formally known as US Forest Road 402. As a result of this heavily hunted unit, large bucks and bulls may be tougher to find since the likelihood of them maturing is diminished. However, don’t let that deter you. For more Colorado Unit 62 hunting information, check out the Info for Cities Near Unit 62 section on the right.

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CO Unit 62 Species Hunting Info

INFO: Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado Unit 62
When scouting, be on the lookout for bedding areas, as the mule deer bed in the public hunting areas. Depending on which season you are hunting, study the migratory patterns since the mule deer descend into the lower lying elevations as the winter ramps up.

SUCCESS RATES for Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado Unit 62
5 Year Estimated Average for Deer
Archery 25%
Muzzle Loader 30%
2nd Rifle 48%
3rd Rifle 60%

Mule Deer TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 62 Colorado
Average Quality 150″ – 170″
Trophy Potential 170″+
Buck to Doe Ratio 31:100
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INFO: Elk Hunting in Colorado Unit 62
Elevation levels are not much of an indicator for elk activity. They may just be passing through, but elk can be spotted in this unit with no regard for altitude. However, the vegetation of oakbrush and junipers of the medial elevations does attract the elk to this section of the unit. The dense oakbrush in some areas makes close-range hunting the best plan of action. Since this unit is frequented by many other hunters, you may see better success by getting off the beaten path and tracking elk in those more remote areas. However, do be mindful of the private land territories that obstruct access. A GPS Unit would be helpful to aid in this dilemma and also keep you on course when stepping away from trails.

Elk deer sizes in Unit 62 range between 280” and 310”, making this a trophy elk unit with the potential measuring higher than 320”!

SUCCESS RATES for Elk Hunting in Colorado Unit 62
5 Year Estimated Average for Elk
Archery 10%
Muzzle Loader 20%
1st Rifle 25%
2nd Rifle 15%
3rd Rifle 10%
4th Rifle 30%
Elk TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 62 Colorado
Average Quality 280″ – 310″
Trophy Potential 320″+
Bull to Cow Ratio 19:100
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Colorado Unit 62 Topo Map

Total Acreage: 880,000 acres over 1,375 square miles

Total Public Land: 618,000 acres or 70%

Land Ownership Mix: 30% Private; 70% Public; USFS: 255,552 acres; BLM: 345,600 acres; State: 8,576 acres; Other Govt. Owned: 11,712 acres

Species: Black Bear, Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, Pronghorn

Elevation Variances: 4,500 ft. – 10,300 ft.

Terrain Difficulty Overall: Mild to Moderate

Land Coverage/Vegetation: 36% Evergreen Forest, 29% Shrubbery, 18% Deciduous Forest and 5% Pasture/Ag land

Unit 62 Boundaries: (Delta, Mesa, Montrose, Ouray County Colorado) bounded on North by Colorado 141; on East by Colorados 50 and 550; on South by Colorado 62; on West by Dave Wood Road and United States Forest Service 402 (Divide Road)


Lay of the Land in CO Unit 62


Terrain in GMU 62 CO

When planning your Colorado Unit 62 hunt, the Uncompahgre National Forest on the western side of the unit is a successful place to start. Within its boundaries is a flat-top mountain range known as the Uncompahgre Plateau. Its elevation fluctuates between 8,300 and 9,200 feet with its summit, Uncompahgre Peak, being an impressive 14,321 feet! That being said, there are some dangerous drop offs and any hunter making their way through unfamiliar territory should be mindful of these hazards.

Vegetation in GMU Unit 62 CO

The lower altitudes are scattered with desert plant life including but not limited to sagebrush, broom snakeweed and shadscale saltbush. The middle elevations contain pinyon, juniper, cliffrose, sage and other food sources that pull the deer and elk in. The thick shrubbery of the mid-section of the mountains can be cumbersome and can make stalking very difficult to pull off without spooking the deer or elk. In addition to the loudness of the oak brush, getting an obstruction-free shot can be very difficult. Higher elevations of this unit are scattered with spruce and fir trees, as well as birch trees.

Access Points in CO GMU 62

When making your way through Colorado Hunting Unit 62, there are only a few things to know. US Forest Road 402 (The Divide Rd) runs along the western border of the unit and will lead you into Unit 61. Be mindful of the weather patterns prior to and during your hunting trip as the rain and snow can make several small roads impassable. No ATVs allowed.