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Overview of CO GMU 4 Hunting Facts

Positioned between Moffat and Routt County, Unit 4 is a prosperous elk hunting location, as well as mule deer and antelope. The Routt National Forest occupies the Eastern and Middle Eastern portion of this unit, undoubtedly making this location in Northwestern Colorado a popular hunting destination. From the lush greenery of the Routt National Forest with its superior early season hunting success to the world-renowned “elk capital of the world” also known as Craig, Colorado that is bound in the southwestern tip of Unit 4. The hunting pressure is high but the well is not dry. The numbers of mule deer and elk have only been increasing in recent years. Archery deer hunters, as well as muzzleloader, can hunt all the following units with these weapons. Units 3, 4, 5, 14, 214, 301, and 441 offer a great variety of hunting, vegetation, and topography. Check the current year’s regulations to ensure this is still correct with the same tag. A vast hunting area from the Little Snake River west of Maybell to the Wyoming border east almost to Walden. This allows one to pick and choose the difficulty of the hunt and get away from hunters if wanted. Those needing less extreme areas with moderate accessibility can hunt the units to the west of this grouping for a less strenuous trip. For more Colorado Unit 4 hunting information, check out the Info for Cities Near Unit 4 section on the right.

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CO Unit 4 Species Hunting Info

INFO: Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado Unit 4
To understand mule deer hunting in GMU 4, you first need to understand the behavior of mule deer. As is typical for the early season when the weather is still warm, the deer are in the higher elevations foraging in the lush greenery and congregating around water holes. Unit 4 has several small reservoirs scattered throughout as well as various streams and creeks. The higher elevation areas around Black Mountain, Beaver, Shorty, and Cataract Creek and the area’s distance from major roads would make this area ideal for an early-season hunt. As the weather cools down, the deer will move off of the mountains in the lower elevations where the temperatures are warmer and there is plenty of food left. These areas are situated in the western and southern parts of this unit.

Muzzleloader deer hunters and additionally archery tag holders can also hunt in all the following areas: 3/4/5/14/214/301/441 (check current CP&W regulations to ensure this is still accurate) with your current year license. Outdoorsmen can hunt from east of Steamboat, CO in unit 14 to west for about a 60 mile stretch past Maybell. These units present a super-wide number of terrain types and topography from moderate grasslands to high country more rugged mountains.

SUCCESS RATES for Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado Unit 4
5 Year Estimated Average for Deer
Archery 30%
Muzzle Loader 45%
2nd Rifle 55%
3rd Rifle 80%
4th Rifle 90%
Mule Deer TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 4 Colorado
Average Quality 140″ – 160″
Trophy Potential 160″ +
Buck to Doe Ratio 34:100
Colorado Unit 4 Mule Deer Hunting FORUM COMING SOON!

INFO: Elk Hunting in Colorado Unit 4
As the leaves fall off and the trees thin out, the elk will be spotted in the lower altitudes of Unit 4. The higher elevations create superior vantage points for hunters to glass the lower areas through which the elk is traveling. Elk have a predisposition to feeling covered and hidden so the diminished foliage of rifle season creates an advantage for hunters to spot and stalk the elk.

Several of the seasons for elk are over-the-counter with lots of pressure but remain a great area to do a combination of deer and elk hunt with friends. Success rates here are much higher than many over-the-counter units across the west.

SUCCESS RATES for Elk Hunting in Colorado Unit 4
5 Year Estimated Average for Elk
Archery 20%
Muzzle Loader 28%
1st Rifle 30%
2nd Rifle 15%
3rd Rifle 20%
4th Rifle 23%
Elk TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 4 Colorado
Average Quality 270″ – 300″
Trophy Potential 300″+
Bull to Cow Ratio 19:100
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INFO: Antelope Hunting in Colorado Unit 4
The antelope in unit 4 tend to gravitate towards the northern, drier, area of the unit. Although this unit is not considered a “trophy unit” for antelope, there is a high success rate for hunting antelope in unit 4. Pre-scouting your hunt will be advantageous for you to have a successful antelope hunt! Finding the scarce water sources of Northern Colorado will be a good place to start since antelope will be flocking to them during the warmer months. Having an accurate map will make all the difference in helping you plan your antelope hunt. The overall success rate for pronghorn is relatively high compared to most western states.

SUCCESS RATES for Antelope Hunting in Colorado Unit 4
5 Year Estimated Average for Antelope
Archery 35%
Muzzle Loader 40%
2nd Rifle 80%
Antelope TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 4 Colorado
Average Quality 60″ – 70″
Trophy Potential 70″+
Buck to Doe Ratio 39:100
Colorado Unit 4 Antelope Hunting FORUM COMING SOON!

Available Hunts for Colorado Unit 4

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Info for Cities Near CO Unit 4


Colorado Unit 4 Topo Map

Total Acreage: 300,000 acres or approximately 500 sq. miles

Total Public Land: 142,000 acres or 47%

Land Ownership Mix : 53% Private; 47% Public; BLM: 32,000 acres; USFS: 90,240 acres; State Land: 12,000 acres

Species: Black Bear, Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Pronghorn

Elevation Variances: 6,184 ft. to 10,853 ft.

Terrain Difficulty Overall: Mild to Moderate

Land Coverage/Vegetation: 45% shrub/scrub, 29% deciduous forest, 14% evergreen forest and 3% pasture/hay

Unit 4 Boundaries: (Moffat, Routt County Colorado) bounded on North by Wyoming; on East by Moffat County Road 1, Routt County Road 82, United States Forest Service Road 150 and Elkhead Creek; on South by US-South Highway 40; on West by Colorado 13/789


Lay of the Land in CO Unit 4


Terrain in GMU 4 CO

Being that the Routt National Forest is located in the Rocky Mountains, it is no surprise that there are some physically challenging trails and terrain. However, there are some lower level lands that are not as demanding. Aside from the mountain range in the eastern portion of the unit, the northern, western, and southern areas of Unit 4 are lower altitude areas with less exhaustive inclines.

Vegetation in GMU Unit 4 CO

As with most of the state, the lower elevations contain a mix of sage and different shrubs; the middle elevations are scattered with oak brush, juniper, and pinyon pines; the higher elevations are populated with the evergreen varieties of trees including aspen, spruce, and ponderosa pine.

Access Points in CO GMU 4

Unit 4 is made up of the following main highways: IH-40 (runs east and west along the southern portion of the unit) SH-13 (runs north and south along the western side of the unit) The north side of the unit is bounded by Wyoming’s southern line. The main roads have several county roads that connect off of them leading to the public access points. There are several streams and creeks that also have public boat ramps.