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Overview of NM GMU 49 Hunting Facts

Unit 49 is located south of Taos Pueblo. The majority of this unit is located in the Carson National Forest. Overall this unit has great public access for hunters. For more information check out the Info for Cities Near Unit 49 section on the right.

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NM Unit 49 Species Hunting Info

INFO: Elk Hunting in New Mexico Unit 49

During the early archery season, set up close to watering sources for a better chance of success. As the later archery season begins, the bull will be more vocal. Calling in bulls will be easier during this season as it will be in the middle of the rut. During muzzleloader season, you can still find some bulls bugling but be aware that they will start to break away from the herds. When rifle season comes around, the rut will be over and the bulls will be keeping to themselves for the most part. Try getting away from any busy or main roads. The elk will be taking cover close to watering holes. Your best bet at success during this season is at first and last light.
SUCCESS RATES for Elk Hunting in New Mexico Unit 49
5 Year Estimated Average for Elk
Archery 1 34.00%
Archery 2 30.00%
Rifle 1 32.00%
Rifle 2 35.00%
Elk TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 49 New Mexico
Average Elk Quality 260″ – 300″
NM Area 49 Trophy Elk Potential 320″+
GMU 49 Bull to Cow Ratio 28:100
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Cities Near NM Unit 49


New Mexico Unit 49 Topo Map

Total Acreage: 272,000 acres over 425 square miles

Total Public Land:220,000 acres or 80%

Land Ownership Mix: 20% Private; 80% Public; USFS: 190,656 acres; BLM: 20,352 acres; State: 1,472 acres; Other Govt. Owned: 11,200 acres

Species: Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Sheep

Elevation Variances: 7,5,800 ft. to 11,900 ft.

Terrain Difficulty Overall: Mild to Moderate

Land Coverage/Vegetation: Land cover includes 76% evergreen forest, 9% shrub/scrub and 7% grassland/herbaceous

Unit 49 Boundaries: Unit 49 begins at NM 567 at Taos Junction Bridge. To the east are NM 567 and NM 570. Northeast is NM 68 and to the south is NM 434


Lay of the Land in NM Unit 49


Terrain in GMU 49 NM

Unit 49 is relatively flat. For the most part, covering ground in unit 49 is fairly easy. There are some cliffs and rocky spots to watch out for, but overall the unit has pretty good terrain for any age.

Vegetation in GMU Unit 49 NM

The higher elevations of unit 49 consist of mostly junipers with some slopes covered with grass, sagebrush, and oak brush. In the lower elevations, you will find open brushlands, pines, steep slopes, cottonwoods, willows, and tamarisk. The Green River runs through unit 49 providing a source of water for the elk.

Access Points in NM GMU 49

Unit 49 has a good amount of gravel and dirt roads that provide access to most areas throughout the unit. We recommend having a map that shows which ground is private and which ground is public. Knowing that information will be key when you get out into the woods. When allowed, four-wheel-drive vehicles or ATVs are recommended when traveling from destination to destination.