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Overview of CO GMU 85 Hunting Facts

This unit includes portions of Huerfano, Las Animas and Trinidad counties in south-central Colorado. This unit produces trophy class bulls, scattered throughout private and public land. The San Isabel National Forest and The Sangre de Cristo Mountains contribute to the beauty of the landscape. Unit 85 is primarily private land so be diligent about carrying a GPS unit with a landowner chip. For more Colorado Unit 85 hunting information, check out the Info for Cities Near Unit 85 section on the right.

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CO Unit 85 Species Hunting Info

INFO: Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado Unit 85

The elevation in Unit 85 Colorado fluctuates to include premier habitat for wildlife during the different seasons of the year. While hunting in the earlier seasons, you will find the deer herds active in the higher elevations. As the winter progresses, these herds will begin migrating into the lower valleys and flatlands in the unit.
SUCCESS RATES for Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado Unit 85
5 Year Estimated Average for Deer
Archery 35%
Muzzle Loader 50%
2nd Rifle 55%
3rd Rifle 55%

Mule Deer TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 85 Colorado
Average Quality 140″ – 160″
Trophy Potential 170″+
Buck to Doe Ratio 35:100
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INFO: Elk Hunting in Colorado Unit 85

The various vegetative species of Colorado Unit 85 provide an ideal setting for elk and other wildlife. The hunting pressure may be more pronounced since there is a sleuth of OTC elk tags for this unit available. Relative to the behavior of the mule deer, elk will also be more active in the higher elevations in the warmer months and descend down as the temperatures drop. To be a legal hunt, bulls must have at least 4 points on one antler.
SUCCESS RATES for Elk Hunting in Colorado Unit 85
5 Year Estimated Average for Elk
Archery 10%
Muzzle Loader 15%
1st Rifle 20%
2nd Rifle 18%
3rd Rifle 15%
4th Rifle 30%
Elk TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 85 Colorado
Average Quality 240″ – 280″
Trophy Potential 300″+
Bull to Cow Ratio 21:100
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INFO: Antelope Hunting in Colorado Unit 85

With private land accounting for 82% of the total area of Unit 85 Colorado, hunters must stay vigilant on property ownership lines. The antelope in the area occupy the foothills and open prairies. Archery antelope tags are available for purchase OTC, so this can be a great addition to have on you when deer or elk hunting in Unit 85.
SUCCESS RATES for Antelope Hunting in Colorado Unit 85
5 Year Estimated Average for Antelope
Archery 40%
Muzzle Loader 45%
Rifle 55%
Antelope TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 85 Colorado
Average Quality 65″ – 70″
Trophy Potential 70″+
Buck to Doe Ratio 31:100
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Available Hunts for Colorado Unit 85

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Info For Cities Near CO GMU 85


Colorado Unit 85 Topo Map

Total Acreage: 752,000 acres over 1,175 square miles

Total Public Land: 138,000 acres or 18%

Land Ownership Mix: 82% Private; 18% Public; USFS: 67,648 acres; USFS Wilderness: 19,328 acres; BLM: 29,312 acres; State: 14,272 acres; Other Govt. Owned: 8,192 acres

Species: Black Bear, Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, Pronghorn

Elevation Variances: 7,000 ft. to 13,626 ft.

Terrain Difficulty Overall: Mild to Moderate

Land Coverage/Vegetation: Land cover includes 35% evergreen forest, 32% grassland, 28% shrub/scrub and 7% pasture/hay

Unit 85 Boundaries: (Huerfano, Las Animas County Colorado) bounded on North by Colorado 69; on East by Interstate25; on South by Colorado 12, North and West Forks of Purgatoire River; on West by Sangre de Cristo Divide, Huerfano County Roads 570, 572 (Pass Creek Road) and 555 (Muddy Creek Road)


Lay of the Land in CO Unit 85


Terrain in GMU 85 CO

Unit 85 contains a versatile terrain ranging from rolling hills and creek bottoms to mountainous terrain overlooking open fields. There are some sharp slopes and drainages. There are scattered fields of flatlands that are easily maneuvered.

Vegetation in GMU Unit 85 CO

In the low elevation areas, there grows an abundance of various grass types, pinyon-junipers, and sagebrush. Cottonwoods and willows flourish along the water banks of the numerous creeks and lakes. As the elevation heightens, evergreen vegetation occupies the timberline, along with groves of aspen trees. The highest elevation is represented by alpine tundra, which contains a rocky surface with some plant growth, but not tree growth.

Access Points in CO GMU 85

US Hwy-160 runs east to west towards the northern territory of the unit. SH-12 runs north and south on the western side of the unit, providing a starting point for numerous county roads to branch from. There are approximately 77 miles of trails winding throughout the unit. Be mindful of which areas are permissive and which areas prohibit motorized vehicles.