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Overview of CO GMU 79 Hunting Facts

Where the eastern plains meets the Rockies northwest of Alamosa, this unit has elk, deer and a few antelope. Other cities near unit 79 include Creede and Monte Vista. Much of the low terrain in the east is private land. There is good road access through most of this unit. For more Colorado Unit 79 hunting information, check out the Info for Cities Near Unit 79 section on the right.

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CO Unit 79 Species Hunting Info

INFO: Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado Unit 79

Deer are usually seen in high terrain during the early seasons and then migrate to lower elevations as weather gets cold and snowy. Some deer live year-round near crop fields, but most of that is private land and has limited access. Glass open slopes in the early and late hours of the day. Hunt the brushy slopes in low terrain and keep checking small herds of does, looking for bucks that show up as the rut begins. Tags drawn in this season are also valid in unit 791.

SUCCESS RATES for Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado Unit 79

5 Year Estimated Average for Deer
Archery 22%
Muzzle Loader 56%
2nd Rifle 67%
3rd Rifle 73%
4th Rifle 81%

Mule Deer TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 79 Colorado

Average Quality 150″ – 170″
Trophy Potential 180″+
Buck to Doe Ratio 29:100

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INFO: Elk Hunting in Colorado Unit 79

Elk are scattered and tend to migrate through the unit as the weather turns cold and snowy. Be on the lookout near grassy meadows in aspen groves and on steep slopes covered by spruces and firs. Look for isolated water sources as elk tend to be seen near these areas. Keep in mind that elk must have four or more points on one antler to be legal to harvest. Often times bulls will migrate onto this unit from Unit 76.

SUCCESS RATES for Elk Hunting in Colorado Unit 79

5 Year Estimated Average for Elk
Archery 6%
Muzzleloader 22%
1st Rifle 11%
2nd Rifle 17%
3rd Rifle 14%

Elk TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 79 Colorado

Average Quality 260″ – 300″
Trophy Potential 310″+
Bull to Cow Ratio 29:100

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INFO: Antelope Hunting in Colorado Unit 79

Antelope tend to stay in low elevations year-round near the east in rolling sagebrush hills. Hunters must draw a permit to take part in any season. Be aware of property boundaries; public access is limited in places. Stay near watering holes to spot or stalk. Tags drawn for archery and rifle season are also valid in unit 791. Muzzleloader tags that are drawn for unit 79 can also be used in units 68, 80, 81, 82, 83, 681, 682, 791.

SUCCESS RATES for Antelope Hunting in Colorado Unit 79

5 Year Estimated Average for Antelope
Archery 43%
Muzzleloader 72%
Rifle 81%

Antelope TROPHY QUALITY for Unit 79 Colorado

Average Quality 65″ – 70″
Trophy Potential 75″+
Buck to Doe Ratio 12:100

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Available Hunts for Colorado Unit 79

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Info for Cities Near CO GMU 79


Colorado Unit 79 Topo Map

Total Acreage: 324,480 acres over 507 square miles

Total Public Land: 195,661 acres or 60.3%

Land Ownership Mix: 39.7% Private; 60.3% Public

Species: Black Bear, Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, Pronghorn

Elevation Variances: 7,683 ft. to 12,063 ft.

Terrain Difficulty Overall: Mild to Moderate


Lay of the Land in CO Unit 79


Terrain in GMU 79 CO

Elevations are mostly between 8,000 and 10,000 feet with the lows at 7,500 feet and some peaks exceeding 12,000 feet. Much of the unit is covered in high ridges between creek drainages, and valleys are on those ridges. The east consist of mostly flat lands with some gentle foothills.

Vegetation in Unit 79 CO

The lower elevations consist of flats with rolling hills covered in sagebrush, grass, pinyon pines and juniper trees. Agricultural fields are in the valley floor with a few scattered cottonwood trees growing along the creeks. Middle elevations are mostly slopes with heavily forested spruce and fir trees mixed with large, scattered aspen groves. On ridge tops are flats covered with grass and wildflowers. Higher elevation is where you will see more grass ,wildflowers and loose rock scrabble covering steep slopes.

Access Points in CO GMU 79

Much of unit 79 has good public road access. A few well-maintained roads branch into primitive four-wheel-drive roads and ATV trails. Some routes will be impassable during wet or snowy weather. Four-wheel-drive vehicles and ATVs are highly recommended. Be aware that private land limits the access on the eastern side of the unit.