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Mule Deer Hunting Grounds: A Comprehensive Guide


Colorado Unit 54 offers hunters a unique chance to explore the mule deer hunting grounds. This area is known for its wild, rough lands with tall mountains and deep valleys, perfect for those who love a good hunt. The land has many paths leading to the Gunnison River, going through big farms and deep rock valleys, ending at the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Places like The Castles, Anthracite Range, and Carbon Mountain make the area even more special. In the 4th rifle season, hunters often see bucks lower down, looking for mates. It's normal to find deer moving around both private and public lands, active all day. With a rifle and a deer tag or voucher, hunters get to experience this unit's beauty and history up close. This hunting journey presents an excellent chance to capture your trophy buck. For more details about Unit 54, make sure to click on the link below before buying your deer tag.

Colorado Unit 54 Hunting Information

Unlock Exclusive Access with Landowner Vouchers and Tags in Unit 54

Colorado Unit Wide Landowner Tags provide a tailored way for private landowners to oversee 4th season rifle hunting for mule deer on their land. These permits are issued based on the size of the property and the number of deer, giving landowners and their guests an exclusive opportunity to hunt on their own land. This method is crucial for controlling hunting pressure and stabilizing deer populations, supporting broader wildlife management and conservation goals. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission enforces specific regulations and guidelines to ensure hunting is done ethically.


Holding a landowner tag opens doors to some of Colorado's premium hunting areas, particularly for targeting mule deer. These permits enable landowners to sidestep the usual lottery system, providing direct access to Unit 54 for 4th season rifle mule deer hunting. This arrangement improves the hunting experience by promoting the well-being of mule deer herds and greatly benefits conservation efforts, enhancing hunting opportunities on both public and private lands. Last year, just four Non-Resident tags were available for the 4th Season Rifle Mule Deer Hunt in Unit 54, with a requirement of at least 23 preference points for eligibility, highlighting the exclusivity and demand for these opportunities. Those interested in obtaining a Unit Wide Landowner Tag should contact Hunters Domain for information on our deposit system to secure these sought-after tags.

Discovering What’s Unique in Unit 54’s Hunting Experience

Unit 54 in the Gunnison Basin stands out as a premier destination for deer hunters, particularly during the 4th season, which aligns with the deer's rutting period. This makes for an exceptionally engaging hunting experience. Let’s dive into the attributes that elevate Unit 54 above other hunting locales:

  • Exceptional Trophy Deer: Spanning over three decades, Unit 54 has carved out a reputation for producing some of the largest mule deer, a testament to the exceptional genetics of the deer population in this region. These deer are large and in great health, thriving in an environment that perfectly suits their needs. The area's strict hunting regulations ensure that hunting practices contribute to the sustainability of the deer population, focusing on the harvest of mature bucks and maintaining a healthy genetic pool.
  • Diverse and Nutrient-Rich Terrain: The landscape of Unit 54 offers a rough, nutrient-dense habitat ideal for the growth and development of trophy-worthy antlers. With a mix of dense woods and expansive open spaces, the area provides a perfect habitat for deer, particularly during the mating season when visibility increases, making it an exciting time for hunters.
  • High Success Rates Due to Managed Hunting Pressure: The management of hunting tags and the careful selection of season dates have historically led to high success rates among hunters in Unit 54. The 4th season is particularly noteworthy as deer become more active, increasing hunters' chances of encountering these magnificent creatures as they move across the terrain.
  • Scenic Beauty and Convenient Amenities: In Gunnison Basin, Unit 54 is conveniently located near charming towns such as Gunnison and Crested Butte. These towns offer a range of lodging options and outdoor activities, enhancing the overall hunting trip. Additionally, the proximity to natural wonders like the West Elks Wilderness and Curecanti National Recreation Area augments the hunting experience with breathtaking views and a serene environment.

Adding to the allure, the late November weather in Unit 54 typically features highs around 40 degrees with lows in the teens, and there's a slight chance of rain. Gunnison Meats provides meat processing services for hunters looking to process their game, while Sawtooth Mountain Taxidermy offers expert taxidermy services, both located in Gunnison, CO.


This combination of unparalleled deer quality, meticulously managed hunting pressure, diverse and rich terrain, and the area's scenic beauty and practical amenities solidifies Unit 54's status as a top-tier hunting destination. Hunters are invited to explore this unique area, offering the chance for an unforgettable outdoor adventure amidst Colorado's majestic landscapes. Discover your lodging options in nearby cities by following the hyperlinks below.

Crested Butte, CO

Gunnison, CO



Important Reminder:

A landowner tag/voucher is not your hunting license or carcass tag. It is your responsibility to obtain the following;


  1. Colorado small game license.
  2. State of Colorado carcass tag for the species you are hunting.
  3. Additionally, be aware of and prepared to purchase any required habitat stamps or other access stamps to ensure you meet all requirements. 
  4. The purchase of a Colorado big game voucher does not use your preference points.  


Although we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, we urge all hunters to do their own research. The price listed above is an estimated cost of the Colorado tag as we assist many landowners in the sale of their tags, prices can vary from one landowner in the same unit to another landowner. If you have any questions, let us help you BEFORE you purchase.

For information or to purchase tags:

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