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Amenities: There are 14 hotels, 9 campgrounds within a 20-mile radius.

Terrain: Many roads are not accessible by ATV, and you will need to get off the pavement and hunt on foot for the best opportunities. 
Location: Bounded on N by US Highway 285; on E by County Road 77; on S by US Highway 24; on W by US Highway 285. Elk occupies all habitats and areas during most of the year. Densities square measure low within the open parts of South Park elevation habitats year-round, however particularly throughout the summer once most move up to ancient giving birth and summering areas at higher elevations. Throughout the winter, most cervid move to lower elevation winter ranges as snow accumulates on the upper elevations and northern aspects. Thanks to the comparatively delicate and dry winters, winter ranges usually be higher than 10,000 feet in elevation.
Some elk, particularly bulls, can use inhospitable ridges at even higher elevations throughout the winter. Roughly four-hundredth of the realm will have traditional winters with some concentration occurring in most well-liked habitats. Throughout severe winter periods, which square measure uncommon during this unit, home ground utilization are often reduced to roughly 5 % of the general vary. Radio collar studies over the last ten years have shown vital immigrations of elk from adjacent GMUs outside of this space.
Recent estimates vary from two hundred to three hundred {elk European cervids |moose|Alces alces|deer|cervid} (10% to fifteen of the population) getting into the realm every winter with historical estimates reaching as high as 700 elks (30%). Deeper snow conditions throughout the 2016/2018 winter could have multiplied immigration to levels higher than recent norms. In 2018 roughly five hundred further elks entered the DAU from forty-nine to the west, for the primary time, however, then came back to forty-nine in late winter. Elks from GMU thirty-seven, south of interstate seventy, and GMU forty-six east of Kenosha Pass be part of herds originating within the DAU throughout the winter.
Normally, this immigration happens when the four regular rifle hunting seasons are ongoing. Since 1997 the winter population estimate for this DAU has enclosed these migrants with the exception of the past immigration from GMU forty-nine. Wintering herds of {elk|European cervid|moose|Alces alces|deer|cervid} will vary two hundred to four hundred animals with these teams sometimes aggregating into a herd of one thousand elk for brief periods of your time. The most important herds habitually cut up into the smaller two hundred to four hundred animal teams at intervals a number of days as they disperse into completely different areas of winter.
The teams of two hundred to four hundred square measure usually short-lived, as well, since smaller teams of elk square measure ceaselessly change of integrity and separating from these herds.

Public land and personal land percentages will someday be changed. A unit could have eightieth public land, however, a particular species could solely occupy two-hundredths on the whole space. which two-hundredth species distribution could lie 100% at intervals personal lands. will that sound confusing? simply keep in mind that there square measure perpetually exceptions to the rule, and land possession is simply one piece of the puzzle.
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